The heart and soul behind Forastera are Sven Gohdes and Marta Bardal Rivera. Sven is the creative soul, while Marta keeps the business side of the brewery in check. They are the force that consistently brings Forastera’s flavorful beers to your tongue. However, Forastera would not have the same impact without a few other contributing forces.

Friends and family have provided countless support, from website design to groundbreaking construction, allowing the main duo to chase their dream full steam ahead. Forastera also gives its dearest thank you to its suppliers and customers who keep its line of craft beer coming and going.

Sven Gohdes

Co-Founder & Headbrewer

Sven is a Berliner on the East side. As he likes to say, he’s from a country, the German Democratic Republic, which no longer exists. This allows him to be “countryless” and free from nationalist borders and sentiments.

His mindset found a home in the Berliner underground punk scene, a world that Sven contributed heavily to while playing guitar for Autoritär. After earning his place as one of the original tenets of hardcore, he managed the punk label Yellow Dog Records, taking care of younger artists like Cop de Fona, and hundreds more, while still rocking out himself.

Now, he’s a father as well as the co-founder, owner, designer and head brewer of the craft brewery Forastera in Mallorca. He’s crafting rebellious brews in his new home, including Punk is Dad, which pays homage to the different aspects of his life.

Marta Bardal Rivera

Co-Founder & CEO

Marta hails from León where she studied engineering. After receiving her degree, she moved to Berlin, where she spent over a decade in the IT world. She worked her way through the male-dominated tech industry, starting off as a programmer, until she became a director of engineering. Now, she is tackling the beer world.

Marta is the co-founder and CEO of the craft brewery Forastera. She keeps in check the business side of the brewery, ensuring that you will be able to find our bottles in a range of businesses. Her work sets up the infrastructure of Forastera and frees up Sven to focus on making great beer.


Alejandro F. Giraldo

An artist of comics who brought to life Sven and Marta’s ideas for the logo and bottle designs with his unique style

Gema Cristóbal

The photographer who captured the lively energy of Forastera at home and on the beach

Evan Burkin

The lucky writer who got endless refills while finding the best words to describe our beers and beginning

Jesus Perez

A web developer and new resident of Mallorca, who helped craft Forastera’s new image with a website makeover

Zach Davidson

A marketing collaborator, who mapped out social media strategies and video