In the winter of 2012, Sven broke his ankle. This left him unable to keep up with his duties as co-founder of the Berliner micro-brewery Hops & Barley, but, in truth, he couldn’t have broken his leg at a better time. It was Christmas, so holiday spending was in the air; it was freezing, and so everyone was hiding indoors. These little factors – and the fact that Marta was away and couldn’t say “no” – convinced Sven to treat himself to a home-brewing kit.

Believing that you can only learn by doing, Sven unearthed the brewing process step by step and was thrilled to see that he had a knack for it. With high spirits he kept perfecting his process, learning new practices and tricks of the trade with every batch. Soon enough he built a line of beers that would be the starting point of Forastera.

It was in the summer of 2014 that Sven and Marta’s brewery opened in the quaint old fishing quarter of El Molinar in Palma, with the name Forastera above its doors. They chose Mallorca, because it held an eternal summer and the two were ready for a life of shorts and flip flops. They chose Forastera, because it means “Outsider,” and it was a word that both Marta, a native of León, and Sven, an East Berliner, embraced. It was fun and represented the new experiences they could bring as outsiders. Quickly, the duo found an enthusiastic community. While Sven brewed on one side of the shop, friends frequented the bar half, tasting his classics and trying new creations.

Forastera has continued to grow over the years as the two attended festivals, supplied local shops with their brews, offered beer catering, and held open-brew days. The summer of 2017 marked the move of Forastera to their home in Alaró. Nestled at the base of the Serra de Tramuntana, Forastera has been able to brew more than ever.