Our beers flaunt vibrant colors, creamy heads, and long-lasting taste.

From the bitter notes of our pale ales to the chocolate kiss of our dark lager,

each sip is a burst of flavor that resonates on the tongue.

The Lagers

Ocre Dark Lager
Dark creamy malt with hints of chocolate

Barvaria Blond Lager
Ligth blonde lager with a pils twist

Rock The Bock Bockbier
A malty special for winter and spring

The Ales

Mallorca Pale Ale
Full-bodied ale grounding an eclectic balance of hops

Polar Pale Ale
Medium golden body with colorful fruit notes

Paul Amber Ale
A malty special for winter and spring

Summer Ale
Crisp blonde ale with a kiss of hops

Brownzilla Brown Ale
“It tastes like home”

The IPAs

Another Fucking IPA
Old English favorite steeped in dry hops

Punk is Dad Rye IPA
Creamy start that hops to herbal bitterness