Our beers flaunt vibrant colors, creamy heads, and long-lasting taste.

From the bitter notes of our pale ales to the chocolate kiss of our dark lager,

each sip is a burst of flavor that resonates on the tongue.

The Lagers

Ocre Dark Lager
Dark creamy malt with hints of chocolate

Barvaria Blond Lager
Ligth blonde lager with a pils twist

Rock The Bock Bockbier
A malty special for winter and spring

The Ales

Mallorca Pale Ale
Full-bodied ale grounding an eclectic balance of hops

Polar Pale Ale
Medium golden body with colorful fruit notes

Paul Amber Ale
A malty special for winter and spring

Summer Ale
Crisp blonde ale with a kiss of hops

Another Fucking IPA
Old English favorite steeped in dry hops

Punk is Dad Rye IPA
Creamy start that hops to herbal bitterness