Beer is a universal delight that can mingle with a range of activities.
Knowing this to be the truth, we cater to a variety of events
in order to share our rich lineup of brewswith as many people as possible.
Call us and we will be happy to set up any of our services,
either in our brewery or at a venue of your choosing.


For any type of get-together, great beer should be included.
Whether you’re planning a business lunch or family celebration,
we will be able to bring our full-bodied beers to the scene.

Upon request, we also serve tasty tapas carefully paired to our beer varieties
to create an enjoyable combination of flavors.

Book us for your next event or schedule a tasting inside the brewery.


Come in and learn the beer process from head brewer Sven.
You’ll receive a personal demonstration of how he brews a batch of beer
as well as learn the tricks of the trade.

Tips on timing, level of heat, and the taste of fresh beer direct from the tap
will be shared in this behind-the-scenes look.

Fun and interactive, our workshop is a great way to spend an afternoon
with friends or a team.


Our taproom is the perfect place to grab a good local beer
in an easygoing atmosphere.
Relax at the bar and get to know the head brewer
as you try our varieties fresh from the tap.

Taste for yourself the lively flavors that make us Forastera.
From the roasted notes of our Paul Amber Ale
to the fruity punch of our Polar Pale Ale,
taste the difference!


Want our flavorful beer at home?
Want to keep everyone happy at a party
with a great, refreshing brew?
No problem. You choose the varieties you want to have on tap,
and we’ll install the equipment to keep the beer pouring nice,
smooth and easy for you.

Don’t worry about the size or cost of the kegs,
because at the end of the day you only pay for what you drink.
Contact us and we’ll figure out your specific needs together.


Yoga and beer are two of the best ways to relax.
Both loosen up the body and free the mind.

Having been a yogi for over 10 years,
Marta is happy to lead people
through an easygoing, yet dynamic yoga class.

This activity will pair together taste and feeling like never before.
Join an open class or set up a team session and experience
how yoga and drinking beer can enrich one another.


Planning a special event for someone?
Our brewery offers a casual venue for any type of celebration.

Not only is the brewery comfortable and spacious,
but our beer will certainly enliven the celebration.
Friends will find themselves recounting old tales
and joking like never before,
while parents will be amazed at how much fun they can have
at a child’s birthday party.

No matter what the occasion is, our beers will keep everyone smiling.


All of our beers are available to be purchased wholesale
in bottles and kegs.

You can find Forastera’s unique flavors
throughout Mallorca and across the mainland of Spain.
Anyone can pick up one of our bottled cold brews
direct from our brewery too.

Our bottle shop is well-stocked to let you
take as many of our beers as you want
back home or to your store.


Tasted our brew and fell in love?
Want to see where the magic happens?
Give us a call to set up a guided tour of the brewery.

You’ll get to look behind the curtains and see our process in full swing.
The brew house, the taste of the young beer poured directly from the fermenters,
the smell of the fresh hops, and a lot of brewery secrets will be open to you.

After a good look around,
be sure to settle down with a refreshing pint for yourself.